Enter the world of wonderful colors
Flags and Jetflags
Fair Graphics
polymer vinyl + polymer laminat

We print with sublimation technique and also with UV printing. Products are usable for trade fairs and

We print and cut all types of hard basis, like hard PVC, Dibond, Pleksi Glass, Aluminum, Wood and Cardboard.

We print with different techniques (eco solvent, solvent, UV) on all known flexible materials from renowned manufacturer (frontlight and backlight, pvc, mesh, all types of Vinyl and Window Graphics

We print with the Turbo jet and use the best quality colors and paper.

We print all Format dimensions for the Slovenian and Austrian Market.

We print with different techniques and qualities onto bbp and White paper (solvent or UV technique with resolution 600x600 or 720x720)



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About us

Druck Division is a Trademark of company V TISK d.o.o. with a long tradition of printing on large format machines



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